We are passionate about freshwater aquariums

At Aquatic Rare Finds we personally breed a large selection of rare livestock and specialize in breeding rare freshwater shrimp. We also love putting together beautiful aquascapes both large and small. We are here to help you find your next tank/tankmate, as well as answer any questions you may have. Some of the services we provide include:

Rare Shrimp Breeding



Discus Breeding

The health and well being of our livestock is of upmost importance to us. We carefuly monitor every ecosystem to ensure that every fish is kep in only the most pristine conditions. All of our livestock is guaranteed to arrive healthy or you get your money back. Period.

We take pride in what we do

It is our personal mission to ensure that you receive only the most show worthy fish. We treat every plant, every fish like they were going into our own personal tanks. It's guaranteed that all livestock and plants will be:

Neocaridina and Caridina

We breed both Neocaridina and Caridina species of shrimp. Odds are we have what you are looking for!


High Quality Food

We make all of our shrimp food from hand to ensure a healthy diet for all of our stock.


Happy Environment

We make sure that each species of shrimp are kept in optimal water levels with lots of planting.


Large Selection of Environment Styles

We have a large knowledge base of the type of aquatic plants it takes to replicate different types of environments.


Pristine Conditions

All of our plants are grown and kept in pristine conditions free of snails and algae to ensure they are healthy.


Careful Monitoring

We carefully monitor all of our plants and actively look for issues. We strive ourselves in the quality of our stock.


Show Ready

We have competition placing Discus and first generation offspring from show winners.


Personal Tank Beauties

These guys are absolutely stunning and are often the offspring of show winning parents.


Natural Environment

All of our show tanks are planted with only species native to Discus to ensure a stress free environment.


Large Selection of Environment Styles

We have a large selection of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants perfect for creating very small creations perfect for any space.


Perfect Conditions

We have the perfect selection of small plants for pint size wonders.


Carefuly Raised

Everything is grown to perfection, there will never be snails or other unwanted pests.

Our Clients Love Us

Purchasing expensive livestock online can make most people nervous. You can rest easy, over the years we have perfected our process to ensure that all livestock will arrive healthy and happy!
When purchasing livestock from a new source, I am always weary of receiving fish that are sick. After speaking with their support, I was assured that I would recive my order alive and healthy or I would receive a full refund. All of my new fish were indeed healthy upon arrival!

Alec T.

User Testimonial
As an enthusiast I was excited to have found this breeder. I have started to a new discus tank with an order of their juvenile Red Melons and I must say, they have some of the most vibrant colors I have come across in awhile. I am definitely going to be showing them at competitions once they mature.

Jessica M.

User Testimonial
I was intrigued by the aspect of buying a complete microscape. The microscape arrived exactly as pictured which was amazing in itself. I can remove the entire tree and cliff feature for easy cleaning which was surprising. I will be ordering another microscape for my office.

George W.

User Testimonial

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